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October 4th Meeting: Navigating Your Fears

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What a wonderful start we had to the re:fresh year, with over 60 moms in attendance! It was a fantastic evening, with many new faces, lots of laughter and wonderful, life changing information brought to us by Becky Guagliardo from Life Connections Counseling Center. You can stay connected with them on Facebook too!

As we continue to Navigate through Motherhood this year, we’ll have the awesome opportunity to hear Kristin Yeldell share from her heart:

“Have you ever walked into a sleeping baby’s room and carefully put your ear next to their little mouth to make sure they were still breathing?  The fear that your little one has suddenly stopped breathing causes your heart to pound almost out of your chest, and with the few steps you take from the door to the crib you have already walked through five different scenarios of what could happen to that child.  Unfortunately for a mom, fear becomes a very unwelcome friend in the home of our hearts.  Anxiety and fear have a not-so-funny way of wrapping its wiry fingers around our hearts and giving it a strong squeeze until we feel like we can hardly breathe…It can leave us feeling suffocated, and struggling for that elusive sense of control in our relationships. Fear can cripple a mom personally leaving her unable to think clearly and logically; It can leave her family feeling hand-cuffed and tied up! But walking in faith-filled obedience releases a woman and her family to experience the abundant life Jesus Christ purchased for them.  At re:fresh, we will journey together to identify what fear is, how we experience it and more importantly…how to find victory through believing God’s Word!  I can’t wait to see you there…”

Kristin and Eric have been married for 7 years and are the happy parents to three little ladies- Mary Grace (5), Abigail (3), and Naomi (1).  Eric is a Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church in Naples, FL, but before that they had the great privilege of serving in the same capacity at the wonderful First Baptist Church in Temple Terrace!  Kristin has her Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY.  Outside of her family, her greatest passions are leading worship with her husband and serving women through the teaching of God’s Word.


If you haven’t already registered for this month’s meeting, please head over and do so now! You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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