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Refresh is Back! October 2017

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Hello sweetest friends!

Oh, how we have missed you!

As you may have heard, our lovely ministry is in a period of change. Your leaders have prayed a lot about the direction we want to grow in with you, and we are so excited to announce our first meeting of the season is coming your way THIS Sunday. To get things going, this meeting will be a little different than previous meetings in a few ways:

Our time is changing for this meeting. We will meet from 5 pm to 6:30 pm instead of our usual time.

As a result of this time change, we will not be serving food. We intend to get you home in time to eat dinner with your family instead. So pop something in the crock pot, or pick up some takeout on your way home and take the night off out of the kitchen!

However, we WILL still be providing childcare. But as always, please let us know in advance if you need childcare so we can plan our volunteers accordingly. Any children that attend will be served a snack during this meeting.

And while we are honored to host a new speaker, this meeting will involve slightly less sitting than normal! Our new friend Nicole Best will be helping us learn about ways that we can make Christ the center of all that we do from our daily activities to big decisions, even down to exercising! Please wear comfy clothes and bring a workout mat or beach towel!  (If you forget, no worries, we will have extra.) Nicole teaches yoga locally and is a Christian. We are so excited to see how we can learn from her! Also, the activity will be something comfortable for all levels. No experience needed!

We hope you can join us as we learn a few exercises and talk about how to make all things that we do God-honoring!

Author: Kelly Smith

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