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The Countdown Has Begun!

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Your Christmas countdown may have officially started with the beginning of Advent, but the really important countdown is the one that starts today and ends this Thursday! This Thursday is our December re:fresh meeting! Your re:fresh team will be taking care of all the food this month, but you have to provide the decorations. We need you to decorate the room by wearing your finest (or tackiest) Christmas sweaters or shirts. If it blinks, jingles or glitters, we want to see it. The best look wins a fabulous prize.

Don’t forget to bring in your non-perishables for our Mission Tampa donation drive. Canned food, dry goods and baby items are suggestions to help brighten this season for some local families. Each item earns you a raffle ticket for yet ANOTHER fabulous prize.

We will see you at 6pm this Thursday night. Be early so you can show off that singing reindeer headband you’ve been dying to break out since last Christmas. And if you can, join Elizabeth Thursday morning around 9am to help decorate the room for our meeting. It only takes about an hour and she’s really good company, honest!

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  1. elizabeth Posted on February 9, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Check out our photos from the December meeting. I was a slacker getting them up. Will post them here soon.


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